Embrace OpportunityWork With Lea Life is a journey ofTransitions Lead with ConfidenceTake Your Power Back Stay calm and carry on
Embrace OpportunityWork With Lea
Breakthrough the fear, self doubt and uncertainty...
Life is a journey ofTransitions
Imagine this... what might be possible if you... were more aware, more...
Lead with ConfidenceTake Your Power Back
Create a solid clear vision with Personal success formula
Stay calm and carry on
In An Uncertain World, Stress Is Optional...


Thank you for your interest in being a guest on the Awakened With Lea: The Next Chapter.

This show is about bringing to the forefront diverse guests who have experienced adversity and major or minor transitions in life, so that we can provide to our viewers the courage, confidence, and tools to gracefully navigate any challenge in life, with the lived experience and wisdom of our guests.

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Experiencing a life transition can bring out all sorts of feelings in people. At such times it is common for people to evaluate their lives and ask themselves questions about their success, what they are doing and why, where they are going in life and what is important to them. The topics we will be discussing around are varied and will circle around transitions one goes through in life..

Areas of interest include:

Personal development, finding your voice

Relationships: divorce, marriage ending/changing

Grief/ Loss of a loved one

Family/parenting: empty nester, new baby, aging parents

Health: illness, recovery, new disability, death, nutrition/exercise

Money: personal finance, bankruptcy, will, lottery

Entrepreneurship / new career

Overcoming addiction, mental health

All episodes will be pre-recorded during September 15th to 20th and be a duration of 20-25 minutes. The show will officially air October 1, 2020 and be broadcasted on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire.

Please note that each guest spot is $397.00 CAD + HST and covers all production, editing and distribution costs, as well as marketing.

Submission deadline is September 10th, 2020 and requires confirmation of payment.

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