Lea is a career + life transitions coach. 

Lea is certified CORE Transitions Dynamic Specialist and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.  She helps her clients bring peace to inner conflict as they navigate transitions both personally and professionally. Lea helps her clients break the cycle of fear, self doubt and uncertainty, so that they can step out of their comfort zone, into their full power and lead with confidence into  their next chapter. 

Change in life is inevitable – and the subsequent emotions that come up as we go through changing jobs, careers, geographic location or relationship status include stress, fear of the unknown, loneliness, and self doubt.

Lea believes that at the core of any challenge the one thing that determines how we get through to the other side is our ENERGY: our ability to manage our energy and how we show up and approach every situation and circumstance.

By becoming aware of what influences our energy and how we think, feel and act we can break through what is holding us back and create a personal roadmap to optimize opportunities, make decisions’ with confidence, reach our goals and ultimately stop giving our power away.

Lea believes that when you master your energy, you master your life. Life is a journey of transitions, and Lea aims for that journey to be filled with constant learning, growth and fun in the process.