Lea is a career + life transitions coach. 

Lea is a Energy leadership + life transitions coach focused on helping people powerfully claim their next chapter. 


As a certified CORE Transitions Dynamic™ Specialist and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Lea guides her clients through a transformational path by helping them eliminate resistance to change. Lea also empowers her clients to break the cycle of fear, self doubt and uncertainty, so that they can step into their full potential and claim their next chapter as their most powerful.

Change is inevitable. And when we embark on a transformational journey, a range of emotions — including stress, fear, loneliness and self-doubt — naturally arise.

Lea believes that navigating our ENERGY determines how we get through to the other side of change. How we show up and approach every situation and circumstance will determine our success.

By becoming aware of what influences our energy and how we think, feel and act, we can break through our blocks and create a powerful personal roadmap to make decisions with confidence, reach our goals, and ultimately reclaim our power.

When you master your energy, you master your life and all of your life transitions. 

Life is a journey of transitions. As a coach, Lea supports her clients on a journey filled with constant learning, growth, self-awareness and fun throughout the process.