Lea’s Story

Hi. My name is Lea. I am the founder of  Personal Chapter™ and the host of Awakened With Lea: The Next Chapter™

When I turned my own life around, I made it my personal mission to help as many people as I can through my coaching business and television show. 

Today, I’m a life transitions coach who guides clients through a transformational path by helping them eliminate resistance to change, so that they can step into their full potential and claim their next chapter as their most powerful. 

I believe that we can make powerful decisions that shift the course of our life, regardless of our age. Learning to manage our energy and overcome our fears are two important steps so that we can become unstoppable. 

I made the biggest transition of my life at midlife. It was a rude awakening: I realized I’d been living out of alignment with my TRUTH and my deeper VALUES. 

For most of my life, there was a disconnect between my self worth, confidence and resilience. 

Growing up in an immigrant family and first generation Canadian, I struggled with a sense of belonging in early childhood due to language barriers, weight struggles and a tense home environment. Not feeling valued or worthy, I developed my first coping mechanism of emotional eating — which only reinforced my disconnection from myself and how I fit in at school.

I pursued a satisfying career in dental hygiene for 29 years. I married my high school boyfriend and inadvertently entered a relationship that echoed the emotional distress of my childhood. 

My life was a constant journey of transitions, and until I learned the gift of alignment, I was not living a life that truly reflected who I was meant to be in the world.

It took me until midlife to find that alignment, and make the necessary changes to step into my true power. At fifty, I returned to school to become a Certified Professional Coach, Eli Master Practitioner and COR.E Transitions Dynamics Specialist, leaving behind my career as a dental hygienist.

Only a few years prior to that transition, I attended rehab and faced my addiction challenge. Alcohol had become an unhealthy coping mechanism I’d adopted. And while it was a long road to recovery, becoming sober gave me the courage to divorce my husband, and ultimately repair my relationship with my three kids.  

After my own personal healing and revelations, I was able to focus on the impact I desired to create in the world. As a natural empath and intuitive, I knew it was important to create a space of trust with people. People turned to me for advice and guidance, and then it became clear to me.

My life’s purpose is to be a catalyst for people to awaken to the truth of who they are and to navigate life transitions.

My personal journey has enabled me to become a guide for you. I understand the deep-seated fears and self-doubt that arise at different chapters in our lives. I’ve been there in your shoes. Together, we can create a road map to consciously create the next chapter of your life in alignment with your values and deeper truth. 

Here’s to powerfully and confidently embarking on your next chapter.